There are many reasons for moving your mining farm

Mining is the energy-intensive process which both creates new coins and maintains a log of all transactions of existing digital tokens.

Pay low as

2 Cent Kw/h



AnimaTech is a global provider of 100% Recycle Energy products, services, and solutions. 

The Technology
we have is 100%
Recycled Energy

Number One, miners at scale compete in a low-margin industry, where their only variable cost is energy, they are incentivized to migrate to the world’s cheapest sources of power. 


The breakthrough technology that will change everything. AnimaTech offers a multi-technology platform.

We don’t charge any set up fees included basic configuration, cabling, routing, Internet and shelving.

The AnimaMining Energy technology is now harvesting the coins
for the best price on the market

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AnimaEnergy Farming Park Facility

  • For farming over 500 KW please contact us direct for more specific specifications for the plant.

  • We make a tailored plan for your needs and budget.

  • We can facilitate up to 50 MW in steps.

  • We have over 10 000 Sq. meter to plan 

The Energy AnimaCoin®
are you 


Building the operating system for the new energy marketplace. Using the Anima token Power Ledger helps people transact energy and trade environmental commodities
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AnimaTech is building the future of mining, powered by  GoVolta technology.



24/7 Technical Support



There are indeed security issues with Cryptocurrency. However, a recurring theme is the fact that these security breaches and issues have less to do with the protocol itself, and a lot more to do with the people and services handling and storing these currency units.

We take security and privacy very seriously. Our facilities have 24/7/365 monitoring systems and we have an excellent insurance package for our customers’ equipment. Please find the insurance link here. For any potential damages, we will reimburse our customers with a full amount the insurance companies provide to us.



“Deep learning is very intensive computationally and our experience in creating high-performing hardware for Bitcoin has absolutely prepared us,”

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VPN access
Our customers can monitor their machines, mining pool, profitability and much more in real time.

The AnimaTech team has developed a wealth of knowledge and best practices from years of experience deploying complex biometric enrollment, identification and authentication software into real world environments.

AnimaTech lets you integrate fast and accurate