The AnimaLife Sign technology is harvesting IDs

AnimaTech is a global provider of biometrics software products, services, and solutions. Anima ID is a biometrics ID using camera  patterns for verifying personal identification

Method and Device for Biometric Verification and Identification

AnimaTech has developed a method for verifying the identity of a person based on his or her biometric life signals. The technology uses an algorithm that has been shown to be more reliable than other current procedures, such as  finger print, finger vein, Iris, face, palm print and voice.


The Technology

we have developed



The breakthrough technology that will change everything. AnimaTech offers a multi-technology platform.

Password-less authentication is a method of authentication where users do not need to log in using passwords or PINs. 

What is Passwordless Authentication?


AnimaTech is building the future of identity utility, powered by live biometrics and AnimaBlockchain technology.


By enabling individuals to take control of their identities and secure them on our Blockchain, AnimaTech is pivoting the power of identity monetization from corporations to consumers.

Online banking is always exposed to direct attack from hackers. With Live Recognition system only the authorized person will be able to access the bank account through the web service of the bank. The user only has to stand in front of the cam and the system will verify the identity, granting a secure access.


The AnimaCryptocurrency


There are indeed security issues with Cryptocurrency. However, a recurring theme is the fact that these security breaches and issues have less to do with the protocol itself, and a lot more to do with the people and services handling and storing these currency units.

AnimaTech can hold or be your private key for your electronic soft wallets on your desktop or mobile to be unlocked during transactions with the AnimaToken.



The basic premise of biometric authentication (the term is derived from the Greek word “bio” meaning life, and the term  “metric” meaning to measure) is that every person is unique and each individual can be identified by his or her intrinsic or behaviour traits. Biometric technology is able to recognize a person on the basis of the unique features of their face, fingerprint, signature, DNA or iris pattern and then impart a secure and convenient method for authentication purposes.

AnimaTech’s unique technology dramatically advances verification accuracy and reduces fraud risk.  AnimaTech’s platform will offer customers the ability to use it alone or in conjunction with other verification technologies.

AnimaTech Security


People are the fundamental interface of all businesses. If machines can know who a person is, the wallet can be unlocked.

The human face is the most accessible way in which we can identify who someone is. Anima Token uses deep learning models to maintain high accuracy when accommodating for an uncontrolled facial pose.


Our face recognition technology uses an algorithm to learn about a person’s face over time and adapts to each person’s unique features and expressions.

AnimaTech Behavioral Learning


Log In application for employees to access their computers at work. The system identifies the person in front of the webcam and decides whether the person can access the information or not.

  • 1-1 Access mode

  • Security is guaranteed as to confidential data

  • Only a webcam is needed

  • Secure access to the Banks' intranet


AnimaTech has created a new live biometric patent that uses artificial intelligence to combine multimodal biometrics detection that is mobile and scalable across technology platforms.

The technology to identify an individual and groups based on the physiological characteristics through multimodal biometrics is one of the hot issues in biometrics technology. Instead of single feature, multiple biometric data are acquired simultaneously and fused to provide more reliable identification results.


Moreover, since it is much more difficult to spoof multiple sensors simultaneously multimodal biometrics can provide enhanced robustness to spoofing attacks.


The layering effect of these specific biometrics significantly reduces security breaches as each log-on looks for a unique combination of factors from the user in real-time.


Multi Biometric AnimaCoin® Technology


The AnimaTech team has developed a wealth of knowledge and best practices from years of experience deploying complex biometric enrollment, identification and authentication software into real world environments. Our Biometric Services Platform provides a modular, configurable, scalable, and secure service-oriented platform to develop custom enterprise solutions. AnimTech provides a highly scalable cluster computing platform for large-scale authentication solutions.


AnimaTech lets you integrate fast and accurate face analysis into any app or service. You can create customizable human experiences that work for any size business.


​Platform Features:

  • A LDAP RFC 4511 compliant identifier that can also be translated to a OS/400 DB2 (for banking) or Oracle Database or any other SQL Database

  • AnimaTech also maintains : noSQL database

  • Using Ç support vector machine È

  • Taking advantages of Ç top notch È

  • Technologies as of 2018