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THERE ARE A VERY large number of different cryptocurrencies that have different degrees of difficulty to extract and that require different amounts of electricity to mine.

In addition, the hardware to perform these complicated calculations has become increasingly expensive and more difficult to obtain in larger quantities. It is mainly the cost of electricity that has driven the cost picture. 

From an operational point of view, electricity accounts for 99% of the cost. Seen over a technical lifespan of typically three to five years, electricity accounts for 70% of the cost. The technical service life is linked to the degree of difficulty.


Implementing mining technologies is not complicated, but for buyers of IT in the workplace, there is an abundance of choice. Therefore, choosing the right mining model for your business is important.


We understand your process and concerns as:

  • Accuracy is critical when choosing a modality and a vendor. You should consider error rate,

  • Spoofing is a very real problem for most minnings modes. If fraud is a concern in your case you should be considering protection  more sophisticated modes. 

  • Accessibility - how easy is this mode/vendor to use? 

  • Cost effectiveness of the mode for your business allows you to understand the return on investment (ROI) that you will receive. Be sure to evaluate cost of many vendors and ensure you're getting the best ROI. 

  • Ease of integration - how easy is it for your development team to integrate it into your current mining technology? Finding out the effort and time this takes will help you make a better decision. 



We are happy  to lead your company through the process of finding out if our products fit in your organisation.