AnimID offers an anonymous authentication service with high accuracy . 


We build our multimodal biometrics software completely in-house and offer it as a service that can be easily integrated in any platform (Android, IOs, Linux, Windows, MacOS). 



AnimaID’s have strong multimodal biometrics multimodal biometric recognition is especially powerful in terms of data privacy and security.  


High level of security to counter video spoofing of facial recognition and multimodal biometrics.

  • Advanced Anti-Spoofing

  • Anonymous multimodal biometric recognition

  • Platform & device independence

  • Multimodal Biometrics

  • Works on disconnected devices

Step 1:

Biometric Authentication

AnimaTech use Live Biometrics authentication. Biometric authentication occurs locally on the user’s phone that means biometric information never leaves the user’s phone and is never stored on the authentication server.

With the AnimTechID's solution, your users gain the confidence of knowing they control and own their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and biometric authentication data.

Step 2:

Hidden (Frictionless) Multi Factor Authentication

Once the biometric authentication is performed, AnimaTechID's application extracts several hidden features from the user’s phone and uses the hidden features to complete the authentication process.

AnimaTechID's MFA is primarily designed around Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and LTOTP.

Extracting additional hidden features to perform frictionless multi-factor authentication makes the authentication process significantly more secure without compromising user experience.   



  • FACE




  • PKI


  •  Face to Face video   

  • Video Conferencing

  • Platform & device independence

  • Multimodal biometrics

  • Virtual Private video network    

AnimaVision Face to Face video is a solution which links the power of AnimaID to any SAML/OAuth capable indentity provider.



The AnimaVison implements an Artificial Intelligence engine relying on a face repository which contains biometrics data for every needed user.



Biometrics data can also be inserted directly into a LDAP server for convenience. (requires direct access to the identity server from the AnimaVision appliance)

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