The Technology

AnimaTech has created a new live biometric patent that uses artificial intelligence to combine multimodal biometrics detection that is mobile and scalable across technology platforms.

The technology to identify an individual and groups based on the physiological characteristics through multimodal biometrics is one of the hot issues in biometrics technology. Instead of single feature, multiple biometric data are acquired simultaneously and fused to provide more reliable identification results.


Moreover, since it is much more difficult to spoof multiple sensors simultaneously multimodal biometrics can provide enhanced robustness to spoofing attacks.


The layering effect of these specific biometrics significantly reduces security breaches as each log-on looks for a unique combination of factors from the user in real-time.


Multi Biometric AnimaCoin® Technology


The AnimaTech team has developed a wealth of knowledge and best practices from years of experience deploying complex biometric enrollment, identification and authentication software into real world environments. Our Biometric Services Platform provides a modular, configurable, scalable, and secure service-oriented platform to develop custom enterprise solutions. AnimTech provides a highly scalable cluster computing platform for large-scale authentication solutions.


AnimaTech lets you integrate fast and accurate face analysis into any app or service. You can create customizable human experiences that work for any size business.


​Platform Features:

  • A LDAP RFC 4511 compliant identifier that can also be translated to a OS/400 DB2 (for banking) or Oracle Database or any other SQL Database

  • AnimaTech also maintains : noSQL database

  • Using Ç support vector machine È

  • Taking advantages of Ç top notch È

  • Technologies as of 2018